Here we go again!

We are excited for another year of CPW! 

CPW overview

CPW is a one-of-a-kind celebration, a joyful collision of events for newly admitted students at MIT. Historically we have welcomed ~1,000 students to campus and hosted over 700 fun filled events. None of this could be achieved without the warmth, dynamism, and spirit of our community.

Use this site as a central hub

As a member of the MIT community, use this site to learn how to get involved with CPW. From sponsoring events to hosting an MIT student or volunteering to support the Admissions Office—there are tons of ways to get involved!

CPW 2024

    • Virtual parent programming: April 1 – 3*
    • Admitted student on-campus events: April 11 – 14

 * To ensure the safety of all participants, our in-person events are student only.

While parents and family members may choose to come to Cambridge between April 11–14, there will not be any in-person parent or family programming.

Get involved: host an event!

Bring your energy, creativity, and love, to show the Class of 2028 what an amazing home MIT can be! We invite the community to submit their events, volunteer, or if you’re an undergraduate student, become a host.